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I've had an arthritic left ankle for many years, extremely painful. I dreaded every step that I needed to take, (and I only took the steps that I HAD to take.) I saw an orthopedic surgeon on two occasions, he said that we could fuse the ankle which was not an option for me.

I'd heard of Dr. Freitag's work from family and friends so I chose to give him a try. We did nothing with the ankle on the first three or four visits, he informed me that it would be quite painful. When we did address it, he was right. However when I left his office, my ankle felt as if it was simply bruised and I was walking quite well. Since then, after a few more visits, it has been a rare day that I am aware of any pain in that ankle.

I think I'm a realist, at sixty four your body will probably have pain somewhere. This body is in much less pain than it was before I saw Dr. Freitag. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

J. T. 2015

Unable to take walks for over a year due to planter fascitis, a neighbor referred me to Dr. Brad Freitag. Though somewhat skeptical, as I had had no success with chiropractors in the past, I made an appointment. Ten days later I walked 2 miles and have since gradually increased mileage through Dr. Freitag intervention.

While attending to my foot ailment I told Dr. Freitag I have been unable to run for several years due to hamstring-related problems. I had seen 4 different sports medicine doctors, 5 physical therapists, an acupuncturist as well as 3 massage therapists all to no avail in an attempt to alleviate my hamstring woes. Having been a runner since high school and now in my 60's running has been a huge part of my life. In august 2009 a sports medicine doctor, upon reviewing my MRI of the hamstring, claimed my running days were over. Again, I had tried everything from cortisone shots to dry needling to proto therapy, 3 surgeries, even emu oil - all without success. I expressed my pessimism to Dr. Freitag when he told me he thought he could get me running again via proper stretching and manipulation of the scar tissue and related soft tissue area. 2 months later I ran 2 miles. My running distance has gradually increased since all through the miracle work of Dr. Freitag. Especially impressive is the fact that I see Dr. Freitag once a week for a hour session! I wouldn't be continuing my treatment with Dr. Freitag if I hadn't had the results I have. Because my insurance does not cover Dr. Freitag's visit, I payout of pocket which is a testament to the gains I've experienced. Not only am I elated by the physical improvements I have described, I am just as impressed with Dr. Freitag's sincerity and willingness in working toward improving healing a patient. He certainly has a feel for problematic areas but is like-wise deeply committed toward improving the patient's ailment.

I have already and will continue to recommend Dr. Brad Freitag to anyone wanting to remedy a physical ailment.

With all respect,

J.R. 2010

My past experience with chiropractic care has been less than desirable. I had hurt my back many years ago and had gone to a few different chiropractors only to have my back cracked with terrific force. This was scary enough for me to make me live with any future pain or injuries I may have had. Four years ago I was given a recommendation from a friend to try Dr. Freitag. She explained to me that he uses the Activator method. This method uses the Activator instrument to deliver low force adjustments. It is so gentle and effective compared to the forceful method. Dr. Freitag has helped me with back, neck, carpel tunnel, and through two foot surgeries.

This past summer when I was walking 3 miles every day with my husband I would get these horrible shin splints. I mentioned this to Dr. Freitag on my next visit. He not only treated my shin splints, but he gave me advice on what to do before and after I walked to prevent them. This has held true many times when I am receiving an adjustment. He explains to me how I can help prevent injury and keep my body stronger and healthier.

I am glad I chose Belleville Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

C. O. 2010

I cannot survive without Dr. Brad. He helps me keep functioning every day. I believe Dr. Brad gets to know what areas are the trouble points and it's amazing how with the Activator he can correct or alleviate the pain in the areas, and I always feel better. With my chosen profession I believe he does help me keep functioning. I need his expertise when I feel some part of me feels out of place. When I was crushed by a heifer I came in for the first time and I felt better. I was truly afraid to try a chiropractor but now I would truly not be without one!

T. H 2010

I had been suffering from a neck injury for nearly 7 years when I met Dr. Freitag. I am an avid runner and had been told by other doctors and chiropractors that I was just not going to be able to continue running. I was desperate and frustrated. Why couldn't they help me? I was introduced to Dr. Freitag by a friend. I had nothing to lose by seeing another doctor but I really didn't think he would be any better than the rest. In a matter of weeks, I was able to rotate my head and was able to sleep through the night. I no longer depended upon pain medication to make it through my days. In 3 months, I was running again.

I still see Dr. Freitag whenever I push it to hard and end up with an injury. So far, there has been nothing he didn't fix. I am currently suffering from plantar fasciitis. Again, I thought I would never be able to run without pain again. With the help of Dr. Freitag, soft tissue manipulation and ultrasound, I am feeling much better. I can't wait to buy a new pair of running shoes and hit the trail!

Many doctors give advice about how to eat, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle but Dr. Freitag goes a step further.... He practices what he preaches.

Carol K - 2010

For anyone living within commuting distance of Belleville WI., consider yourself fortunate! This small community is home office for one of the most remarkable and competent young Drs. of chiropractic you will ever encounter. Brad Freitags secret: his uncanny and acute skill with a little known device, the Activator. It doesn't matter whether of not you have had experience with traditional manual methods of adjusting. Nothing surpasses the effectiveness of this tool in the right hands. Dr. Freitag is just the guy to introduce you to a level of spinal care and well being that can only be realized with the activator. Give him a try and find out for yourself. His adjustments are truly amazing. Not to mention he and his staff are super nice. I gladly drive 60 miles round trip. No complaints.

T. C. 2009

I began seeing Dr. Freitag for recurring migraine headaches. However, what ended up to be my eye-opener to how valuable my chiropractic visits really are, was being diagnosed with radial tenosynovitis in my right arm /elbow caused by repetitive motion and overuse. This resulted in loss of strength in my arm as well as pain from my wrist to shoulder when performing many daily tasks.

After this diagnosis in April 2008, and maintaining regular treatments schedules, I can now say, in October 2008, my arm has almost no pain, I have resumed my regular activities and feel great! Also, I am now "armed" with knowledge of what I need to do to stop the pain from coming back.

Dr. Freitag and his staff are caring, thoughtful and genuine. I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was in my teens and have never gotten the relief I have in the year since becoming a patient at this clinic.

Four of my co-workers are also patients at Belleville Chiropractic and we all say the same thing, we don't know what we'd do without Dr. Brad! He is extremely knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and treats patient with dignity, respect and care.

Since my first visit, I have been treated with the utmost respect, patience and kindness by everyone in the office; I highly recommend Dr. Freitag for people new to chiropractic or those who have tried other Chiropractors and found little relief.

Jennifer G. 2009

I am an avid runner and have competed in the Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon. I credit Dr. Freitag with helping me to stay injury-free during all my training. I am always amazed at how good I feel and how well I can function after an adjustment with the Activator.

I saw Dr. Freitag for regular adjustments throughout my pregnancy and this was the only thing that eased my back pain. After my son was born I started taking him for adjustments too. I strongly believe that these adjustments have helped my son avoid ear infections, sleep through the night, nurse better and in general, make him a happier baby. I strongly recommend Dr. Freitag and his staff at the Belleville Chiropractic and Wellness Center!

Mindy M-G. 2009

I am a Registered Nurse of twenty years who has experienced ongoing back and neck pain. I intermittently used traditional Chiropractic manipulation for pain relief, but stopped this treatment after several colleagues voiced concern of potential neurological injury due to improper mechanical manipulation.

My first encounter with Dr. Freitag was when my teenage daughter was referred to him for a sports injury. I was adamant that he not perform manual manipulation to her neck, but he was very patient and reassuring and convinced us to give it a try. Dr. Freitag uses the Activator Chiropractic method, along with soft tissue massage, which offers us an alternative to the traditional manual adjustments.

Following several years of traditional medical treatment with continued discomfort, and witnessing my daughter's improvement, I let him work on me. I continue to have ongoing relief with a sense of healing, and my entire family now receives treatment from him. Dr. Freitag office a holistic approach to healing in a reassuring, non-threatening environment. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend him.

Jodi A. 2009

"Dr. Freitag is a wizard"!
I am a former jockey who has lived with pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion from my racing injuries for more than three decades. Much to my amazement, Dr. Freitag has turned back the clock for me. My career-ending neck injury is still there, but under his care I no longer suffer the pain and loss of motion that plagued my neck, back, shoulders and hips for so long. Dr. Freitag has restored my health to a plateau I would never have believed humanly possible... "He's the best"!

Tom A. 2009

Late one Friday afternoon I took a bad fall of the roof. My wife called Dr. Freitag at 5:00 pm and he offered to remain open late in order to take X-rays and begin my treatment. He correctly diagnosed a torn rotator cuff and used electric stimulation method that contributed to my quick recovery. After only three weeks of treatments I was able to go back to my usual work in the remodeling industry.

My only other chiropractor experience had been with a different doctor who used such great pressure that my back cracked loudly and I was in pain for months. That bad experience caused me to avoid treatments whenever I was in pain. I now realize there is an alternative to just living with pain.

D. L. 2011


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