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The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods".-Dr. Lee

Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements since 1929. The company is committed to a whole food philosophy first introduced by their founder, Dr. Royal Lee. Dr. Lee challenged common scientific beliefs by choosing a holistic approach of providing nutrients through whole foods. His goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature-in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized. Dr. Lee believed that when nutrients remain intact and are not split from their natural associated synergists -known and unknown- bioactivity is markedly enhanced over isolated nutrients. Following this philosophy, small amounts of whole food concentrates will offer enhanced nutritional support, compared to an isolated or fractionated vitamin. Standard Process products are built upon this holistic paradigm.

In addition, Standard Process was built on a unique belief that the quality of a whole food supplement is dependent on the quality of the manufacturing process. These beliefs are at the center of everything they do at Standard Process and they are the reason we can continue to offer the best in balanced nutrition and healthy living, year after year.

What makes standard Process products unique:

For more than 75 years, Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements. Their extensive collection of products supports the healthy functioning of every body system, including the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, hepatic, respiratory, skeletal, and renal systems. Their product formulas contain unique combinations of whole foods (whole plants, animal tissue extracts and concentrates, and botanicals), which contain essential vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals to provide optimal health to our patients. Ingredients are selected for their specific supportive effects in metabloism.

As health care professionals we see patients every day who lack nutrition in their diets. That's because the level of nutrition in our society has dropped dramatically over the years. Modern technology and a fast paced world have enabled us to increasingly eat on the run, eat too much, and eat unhealthy food laden with sugar, sodium and fat. At the same time we don't exercise as much as we should. It is well known that a healthy diet improves long term health, but sometimes just eating healthy is not enough for a number of reasons.

Hectic lifestyles

Daily stress

Environmental stress

Social eating habits

Live in polluted environments

Diet is not all that is needed to help you obtain long term-health. You need to replace the nutrition that is taken out of the food that we are eating and boost your intake of nutrients. This is why whole food supplements are needed. Know your source, read labels and go through your health care professional who has had training in whole food supplements. Whole food supplements can also help support the body's systems and functions such as:

Joint support ( Ligaplex 1, Glucosamine synergy )

Blood sugar support

Digestion ( Zypan, Multizyme )

Immune function ( Immuplex, Congaplex )

Liver and gallbladder function ( Livaplex, A-F beta food )

Cardiovascular function


1. Multivitamin

2. Multimineral

3. Vitamin D

4. Fish Oil

5. Magnesium


The information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not an attempt by the writers or publisher to diagnose or prescribe, nor should it be construed to be such. Readers are hereby encouraged to consult with a licensed health care professional concerning the information presented, which has been received from sources deemed reliable, but no guarantees, expressed or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy of same. Therefore, readers are also encouraged to verify for themselves and to their own satisfaction the accuracy of all reports, recommendations, conclusions, comments, opinions, or anything else published herein before making any kind of decisions based upon what they have read. If you have a medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner.


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